Efficient Patient Management With gGastro EMR Software

Efficient Patient Management With gGastro EMR Software

gGastro EMR Software is a comprehensive and fully integrated Electronic Health Records (EHR) software solution that is specially designed for gastroenterology practices. It includes an endoscopy report writer that streamlines the interfacing of clinical notes and images directly into the patient record. 

gGastro also includes a practice management tool, gInsights, and a financial reporting system called gAdvisor. These tools make it easier for gastroenterology practices to meet value-based initiatives like MIPS and provide high-quality care. 

Patient Portal 

A patient portal is an online tool that provides a safe and convenient way for patients to access information and services from their healthcare providers. It allows them to request refills, check lab results, manage medication and allergy medications, and more. It also serves as a resource for physicians to help streamline patient management tasks and improve their quality of care. 

In addition, patient portals can reduce errors and improve patient satisfaction by eliminating handwritten forms and waiting for answers to questions via surface mail. This will decrease the time spent on these tasks, and it can free up time for other tasks that require a physician’s attention. 

As you’ll soon see, the patient portal is an invaluable tool for efficient patient management with gGastro EMR Software. However, to maximize your use of this important tool, it’s important to ensure that you choose the right system for your needs. 

Choosing the right patient portal requires a careful evaluation of your needs. Need to find a solution that is easy for patients to use, accessible from multiple devices, and offers HIPAA-compliant privacy protections. You’ll also want to choose a patient portal that is customizable and flexible, so it can meet the specific needs of your practice or clinic. 

Also, You’ll need to consider how easy it is to set up an account and log in. Ideally, it should be simple to navigate, available on many devices, and accessible to people with visual disabilities or those who don’t speak English. 

Finally, make sure that the user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate for both patients and physicians. This will make it easier for everyone to work with the patient portal and will result in improved productivity. To maximize efficiency in patient portal usage, physicians should create speed buttons and quick actions for common interactions. This will allow them to save time without sacrificing productivity and quality of care. 

Lastly, providers should be encouraged to explain the benefits of the patient portal and encourage their patients to use it. This will bolster adoption and increase use over time. 

Appointment Reminders 

Appointment reminders are one of the most effective ways to provide efficient patient management with gGastro EMR Software. They reduce no-shows and allow practitioners to see patients on time, which improves office productivity, decreases frustration for staff, and leads to higher patient satisfaction. 

No-shows – For healthcare practices, no-shows are a major issue, as they can result in losses of over $1000 per week and affect business operations significantly. They also prevent practitioners from meeting performance goals and deadlines. Which can have a negative impact on client’s health and well-being. 

In addition to reducing no-shows, reminders can help keep the office running smoothly. By making it easier for patients to change appointments or reschedule. Ultimately, this saves the office staff time and money like healow health portal

Investing in a reminder system is a great way to help your practice run more efficiently and effectively. As it provides your practice with an elevated communication process that will increase your retention rate amongst your clients. It can also enhance your relationship with each patient. As they will feel that they are being accounted for and considered outside of their appointment time. And this will lead to improved engagement throughout the treatment process. 

Mend – Mend is an appointment reminder system that sends smart texts and emails to patients. So they can always be reminded of their scheduled appointments. The service works with any EHR or PMS, and it can grab incoming appointment types from the system. And automatically send out medical appointment reminders. 

Texts – Texts are more likely to be read than email messages. This means your patients will get an alert when their appointments are coming up. Plus, they are less disruptive to their day than phone calls. So they’re more likely to respond at a convenient time. 

Automated notifications – Instead of manually checking schedules and confirming appointments. Your front office can simply review text confirmations and stop spending hours on the phone. You can even set a time limit for when you want to send these messages. Which will ensure that the patient does not receive unnecessary calls or texts. 


Documentation is an essential aspect of patient care. Helps doctors and healthcare providers communicate effectively with patients, which results in better patient outcomes. Can be provided on paper, or through a computer system. Also be used for research and knowledge management purposes and is usually a source of reference or proof. 

The documentation process can be challenging, however, especially when a physician has to complete notes at multiple locations or for various procedures. In addition, the process can be time-consuming and repetitive. 

Fortunately, gGastro EMR Software can make this process easier. The application is easy to use, has smart workflows, and can help physicians and staff access their schedules and information anywhere with a strong internet connection. 

This system is designed to help gastroenterologists streamline their workflows and increase profitability. It includes practice management, business operations services, and analytics for benchmarking and reporting. 

In addition to these features, the system also has a mobile app that enables providers to access their patient files on smartphones and tablets. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices, so it can be accessed from virtually any location. 

Another key feature of gGastro is its ability to help with billing practices. The software can suggest ICD-10 and CPT codes automatically, saving a lot of time. It also enables physicians to save their most common codes for quick access. 

Providing efficient patient management is vital to the success of any medical practice, and gGastro EMR Software makes this task simpler than ever. This new platform has a fresh, modern look and enhanced GI-specific workflows. 

gGastro can help with a variety of patient-related tasks, from scheduling appointments and managing prescriptions to tracking labs and finding out what bills you’re due to pay. It also provides a patient portal that allows patients to access their records and communicate with the provider.


gGastro EMR Software helps gastroenterologists document patient health records quickly and efficiently. It also improves staff communications and the patient experience. It offers a fast, browser-agnostic user interface that can be used by healthcare professionals across multiple devices. 

Developed by gMed(r), the gGastro EMR system is ranked #1 among gastroenterology EMRs, preferred by top gastroenterologists and designed to save time and fit seamlessly into your practice. This gastroenterology EMR is available as a cloud-based or server-based solution that can scale with your medical practice’s growth. 

The gGastro EMR also includes the latest GI-specific workflows to help gastroenterologists document patient records in less time. It suggests coding and uses custom templates and Quick Notes in the Endoscopy Report Writer to reduce paperwork. HD photos and videos can be uploaded from most modern imaging equipment, and the platform is easy to use. 

gGastro also comes with a mobile app that is compatible with iOS and Android phones. This allows providers to search and review patient information from their smartphones anytime, anywhere. 

It is also possible to integrate gGastro with ModMed(r) gBOOST RCM, a gastroenterology billing solution that combines dedicated billing specialists and gastroenterology practice management technology to help improve efficiency and gain key financial visibility. This can be beneficial to practices with limited staff or those that want to streamline their business side and focus more on patients. 

gGastro EMR also provides a patient portal, which is an online tool for patients to view their own records and schedule appointments. It can also provide reminders, which is a great way for patients to stay on top of their own treatment plans and schedules. This helps them feel more involved and engaged in their care. It also provides a secure payment portal, which is important for patient satisfaction and loyalty. 

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