BWTC (Blue World Trade Center) – Project Complete Details

There is a commercial project called Blue World Trade Center in Islamabad, Pakistan. It is being developed by the Blue Group of Companies, which is a well-known business conglomerate in Pakistan. The Blue World Trade Center is a mixed-use development that includes commercial spaces, offices, and residential units. The project is located in the heart of Islamabad. And is expected to become a major landmark in the city upon completion. The complex features state-of-the-art facilities and amenities. Including high-speed elevators, central air conditioning, 24/7 security, and ample parking space.

Blue World Trade Center Islamabad

We have already discussed how BWTC is located in Islamabad. If we talk about the exact location of the project, the Blue World Trade Center location is in the heart of the city. Specifically, it is situated near the DHA and Bahria Town Islamabad, which is a prime location for commercial and residential developments. There are also many other locations that are in the vicinity of this commercial project.

Bahria Town Hospital is at a distance of 2 minutes from the Blue World Trade Center as it is located on the Islamabad expressway. The distance to Rawalpindi Railway Station is 10 minutes and the distance to Islamabad Airport is 40 minutes. The other major landmarks are also in the vicinity of the BWTC due to which we can say that it is an ideal location. Also, if we talk about the business opportunities, the location of this commercial project is primarily important due to this reason. It is near the CPEC route and you can easily do business by renting corporate offices in the Blue World Trade Center.

As a real estate investor, you can also consider investing in Zaitoon City Lahore, one of the most demanding real estate residential projects.

Owners and Developers

Among the Blue World Trade Center Developers, there is one well-known real estate company known as BGCs. The Blue Group of Companies is a leading business conglomerate base in Lahore, Pakistan. The group operates in various industries, including construction, real estate, power generation, trading, and agriculture. Some of the well-known companies under the Blue Group include Blue Bricks, Blue Properties, Blue Technologies, and Blue World City.

The Blue Group is committed to delivering high-quality products and services to its customers while maintaining the highest ethical standards. The group has a strong focus on innovation, research, and development, and it is always exploring new business opportunities to expand its footprint.

In addition to its business activities, the Blue Group is also involved in various philanthropic activities. The trust provides support to various social and educational projects in Pakistan, including the establishment of schools, colleges, and hospitals.

Blue World Trade Center NOC

One of the great concerns of the investors is the legal status of any residential and commercial project in which they are interested to invest. In the case of Blue World Trade Center NOC, you can rest assured that it is a legal and authentic project.  NOC stands for “No Objection Certificate”. It is a document issued by the relevant government authority that certifies that the proposed project complies with all the relevant laws, regulations, and building codes. The relevant authority for the issue of BWTC NOC is Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

The NOC is important because it ensures that the project is being developed legally and following the rules and regulations set forth by the government. It also assures potential buyers, investors, and lenders that the project is legitimate and has been approve by the government. Without a NOC, a real estate commercial project may be deemed illegal, and the developers may face penalties and legal action.

Furthermore, buyers and investors may not want to invest in a project that does not have the required NOC. As it may pose a risk to their investment. Therefore, developers must obtain a NOC before commencing any real estate commercial project to ensure its legal status and avoid any potential legal or financial issues.

Facilities and Amenities

Blue World Trade Center is a commercial project in Islamabad, Pakistan. While specific amenities may vary, here are some of the amenities typically offer in commercial projects of this nature:

Modern Architecture: The Blue World Trade Center boasts of modern architecture and design. Providing a state-of-the-art commercial experience.

High-Speed Elevators: The project features high-speed elevators that are efficient and comfortable to use.

Dedicated Parking: The project has ample parking space for tenants, visitors, and guests.

Central Air Conditioning: The building is equipped with a centralized air conditioning system that ensures comfortable temperatures throughout the year.

Power Backup: The project has a backup power supply system to ensure an uninterrupted power supply.

Security: The building has advanced security features, including CCTV surveillance, 24/7 manned security, and fire safety systems.

Conference Rooms: There are well-equipped conference rooms available for business meetings and conferences.

Restaurants and Cafes: The project features a variety of restaurants and cafes for tenants and visitors to enjoy.

Fitness Center: There is a fitness center on-site for tenants and visitors to exercise and stay healthy.

Shopping Mall: The Blue World Trade Center also includes a shopping mall, providing a convenient shopping experience for tenants and visitors. These all are blue world trade center amenities that make this one of the most demanding projects in the Islamabad real estate market.

Near the Blue World Trade Center, there is a housing society known as Blue World City. This housing society is also developed by the Blue Group of companies. New City Paradise is a recent addition to the sports valley block of BWC. So, if you are also a sports lover, you can think of investing in this project too.

Take Away

In the article, we have discussed the big facts about the Blue World Trade Center located in Islamabad. The trade center is developing state-of-the-art infrastructure. Also, the developers are reliable and have a good reputation in the real estate market. So, if you are interest in any unit in this commercial project. You can contact Sapphire Properties or any best real estate companies near you.

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